What is Theta Healing?

When you have been looking for help to resolve physical or emotional pain, the quest can seem long, tedious and never ending. But whether you've been looking for help and answers for years, or whether today is the first time you've been faced with a certain challenge, the end is within your reach. The answer is simple and concise- God makes it possible! Through a simple, yet breathtaking, technique called Theta Healing , you and your loved ones can experience instant healing.

Theta Healing can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life. In Theta Healing , we put to use our natural intuition, relying upon God's unconditional love to do the actual “work”. This technique involves lowering the brainwaves into a theta state, which allows accessing all knowledge, to access God. By being in this state, one can facilitate and witness healing as it is taking place, you can actually watch God create, instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

History of Orion/ Theta Healing.

In 1991,Vianna Stibal was working as a nuclear security guard and decided "glowing in the dark" was not the right career path. A single mother of three children, she turned her naturopathic training into a business in 1994. In 1995, Vianna was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right femur. "How could this happen to me?" she asked. Newly married, the pain from the bone cancer was unbearable. Many healers helped her plight along with lemon and sauna cleanses. After the biopsy, the report can back negative. Why? She asked the "God Source" what caused her bone cancer and the answer came back that it was mercury poisoning. Can God instantly Heal? Yes.

Vianna discovered from her clients, that the individual holds the key to the health and vitality for our own bodies.

The activation of our DNA and Core Belief Re-patterning are two main techniques used in Orion/Theta Healing.

DNA Activation:

We were originally created with 12 strands of DNA, but due to circumstances through time, our active DNA has been reduced to 2 strands. By using the theta technique, one is able to re-activate the latent 10 strands of DNA, allowing one to fulfill their potential. Vianna states that the DNA activation increases immune function and slows the aging process.

The 12 strand DNA activation opens up intracellular communication so that your cells can communicate with one another at an entirely new level - mind to cell and spirit to cell.

During the 12 strand DNA activation, your Youth and Vitality Chromosomes will be activated. The telomere, which is part of the DNA strand associated with aging, will be renewed and revitalized.

Core Belief Re-programming:

We use this technique to find the beliefs specific to you and reprogram them. After a session many clients report that they feel more positive and ready to create a life in a way that is for their highest and best. Belief reprogramming is often necessary when working on a physical or emotional condition before healing can take place. You give permission for every belief that is reprogrammed in this manner so nothing can be done without you knowing it.

Each belief is reprogrammed on four levels. This is just one of the elements that make this work so effective.

The 4 Levels:

1. Core: From Conception to now.

2. Genetic: These are all the gifts and the "baggage" handed down to you for seven generations.

3. History: This level includes oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on.

4. Soul: This is the level where the real "you" resides. This is the part of you who continues on after the human body dies. Beliefs can even be stored on this level .

Is there a scientific basis for Theta Healing? If so, how does it work?

YES! An overly simple description of the science behind Theta Healing is to say that it is a technique of applied quantum mechanics engineering. A theory that explains the behavior of elementary particles, atoms, and energy in terms of probabilities. Despite how mystical and miraculous it may sound, the Theta Healing technique is grounded in hard science - namely quantum physics and cutting edge consciousness research.

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